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After her last water bill, Mary-Anne was looking for any savings she could make. She organised her local Pymble Plumber to do an inspection of her home and suggest what water-saving methods she could employ. She’d already checked that it wasn’t a water leak. She’d gone through and turned everything off and then checked her water meter. The numbers hadn’t moved a millimetre. So there wasn’t a water leak in her property.

She walked through her house with the Pymble Plumber, watching as he checked the taps and toilets. Once done, he ran through her list of options. Mary-Anne could get new shower heads which used less water but had the same pressure. She could replace her existing cisterns with dual-flush toilets. Her taps were all OK, but a couple of them could do with a service, otherwise they would need to be replaced within the next few years.

He also noted her backyard. It was in perfect condition, filled with beautifully trimmed bushes, healthy flowers and vegetables and a lush, green lawn. Did she have a water tank? How often did she use the hose for her backyard? Mary-Anne and her husband were avid gardeners and loved to keep their home in pristine condition, including hosing off the driveway and footpath up to her front door. Her Plumber thought for a moment, before suggesting a rain water tank. The garden hose could be run from the tank, meaning their water bill would be lower and their garden healthier with rain water. Mary-Anne had never considered it! She took all the quotes from the Plumber and had him service those troublesome taps while he was there. She promised to show her husband the quotes as soon as he was home and get back to the Plumber.

In fact it was her husband who called the Plumber back, thrilled with the concept. He even knew where to put it! Would the Plumber be available to supply and install the tank? They organised the time and type of tank.

If you require helpful Plumbing advice, plumbing maintenance or repair work, or having a plumbing emergency you need tended to immediately, call your local Pymble Plumber now on 0421 913 020!

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