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Plumber Pymble Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains

The drain gurgled ominously as Daphne flushed the toilet. The water rose up a lot higher than normal before slowly swirling away down the toilet bowl.

Plumber Pymble Hot Water

Hot Water

Lisa heard the crack as she huddled on the lounge reading a book by candle light, quilt pulled up over her shoulders.

Plumber Pymble Emergency Plumbing

Emergency Plumbing

Gemima turned on the hot tap to the bath, letting the water heat up as she rounded up her two year old twins for bath time.

Plumber Pymble Pipe Relining

Pipe Relining

As sewer pipes age, they become more vulnerable to various problems including a blocked drain.

Facts you should know

Pymble is a leafy suburb on the upper north shore of Sydney named after Robert Pymble (1776–1861), an influential early settler whose 1823 land grant comprised some 600 acres, approximately half the land of the region. The Pymble area was a major supplier of timber and agricultural produce to the early Sydney Colony however agriculture gave way to residential land use as early as 1880.

Pymble has several heritage listed properties such as the Grandview constructed in 1870 originally as a bank however it is now a home along with many other stately homes such as the Walter Burley Griffin designed home “Coppins”. Many homes are nestled in tree lined streets or close to bush reserves with walking tracks like the Sheldon Forest Track.

The maintenance required to protect such beautiful homes includes fire safety plans. These plans should include the regular maintenance of storm water drains and guttering. Leaves in blocked gutters can be ignited by burning debris carried on the wind during a bush fire. By clearing out your guttering and removing any flammable material such as firewood from around your home you can help to minimise the risks during bushfire season.

Plumber Pymble can assist you by cleaning your guttering with a high pressure water jet as well as checking that your storm water drain is clear of debris. A regular maintenance program can also be established and we will periodically remind you when your gutters are due to be cleaned. Water may also be in short supply during a fire so you may wish to consider installing a rain water tank that will save you money every time you water the garden.


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    • Blocked drains are our specialty

          • Dripping tapware repaired or replaced
          • Running toilets, leaking cisterns and cracked bowls repaired or replaced
          • Gas Services – qualified gas fitter who can repair existing lines or install new lines
          • Water leaks and leaking pipe repairs or replacement
          • Rainwater Tanks installation and repairs
          • Sewer and stormwater drains cleared, inspected, repaired, re-lined or re-run
          • Hot Water System repairs or replacement and upgrades for to suit your family’s needs

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    What People Say

    Plumber Pymble delivers water savings in the garden

    After her last water bill, Mary-Anne was looking for any savings she could make. She organised her local Pymble Plumber to do an inspection of her home and suggest what water-saving methods she could employ. She’d already checked that it wasn’t a water leak. She’d gone through and turned everything off and then checked her water meter. The numbers hadn’t moved a millimetre. So there wasn’t a water leak in her property.

    She walked through her house with the Pymble Plumber, watching as he checked the taps and toilets. Once done, he ran through her list of options. Mary-Anne could get new shower heads which used less water but had the same pressure. She could replace her existing cisterns with dual-flush toilets. Her taps were all OK, but a couple of them could do with a service, otherwise they would need to be replaced within the next few years.

    He also noted her backyard. It was in perfect condition, filled with beautifully trimmed bushes, healthy flowers and vegetables and a lush, green lawn. Did she have a water tank? How often did she use the hose for her backyard? Mary-Anne and her husband were avid gardeners and loved to keep their home in pristine condition, including hosing off the driveway and footpath up to her front door. Her Plumber thought for a moment, before suggesting a rain water tank. The garden hose could be run from the tank, meaning their water bill would be lower and their garden healthier with rain water. Mary-Anne had never considered it! She took all the quotes from the Plumber and had him service those troublesome taps while he was there. She promised to show her husband the quotes as soon as he was home and get back to the Plumber.

    In fact it was her husband who called the Plumber back, thrilled with the concept. He even knew where to put it! Would the Plumber be available to supply and install the tank? They organised the time and type of tank.

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